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Scientist/inventor, some say mad. I am currently the founder of a fledgling biotech instrument company. We are working on instrumentation to diagnose cancer from a blood sample.


Cancer affects all our lives, my mother had breast cancer, she survived to recently die of Alzheimer’s, my business partner died of pancreatic cancer ..., the list goes on. There is good news; last year one of my best friends was diagnosed with a moderately severe form of Leukemia and after a year of the best state of the art treatment that California has to offer he is in complete remission.


Photography for me is less as a hobby and more as a tool for self expression. It still amazes me how a slightly different time of day, a different angle, a slight change in the color of the light can all radically change the mood of the photograph. My long term plans are to incorporate photography and my scientific knowledge into my artistic aspirations, exploring non-conventional ways of capturing, processing and displaying images.


                                                              Reflections – Spring 2006       Graffiti Alley – Spring 2006         Secret Swing RIP – Spring 2006


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